We started in the early days of Covid19 on 29th October 2019. Our aim is to bring more responsibility in the technology industry. This aim shaped the name and culture of the company. The name Budhana Tech stems from a sanskrit word “Budhana” which means a spiritual guide, this is what creates the foundation of our belief system.


We want to be a responsible provider of technological expertise which will strengthen the pillars of society.


To bring a sense of responsibility in growth of consciousness.


  • Raj Krishna

    Business Development Executive

    I am a Diligent person with hodophile and photophile nature.

  • Raj Shah

    Software Engineer

    I would describe myself as wise because I learn from my mistakes, ambitious, driven and well organised.

  • Yash Patil

    Software Developer

    Lines of code are my poetry, and I'm fluent in the language of technology.

  • Shashwat Dhingra

    Software Developer Intern

    Eager to learn, grow and contribute to the dynamic world of app development.

  • Komal Kumari

    Human Resource

    A person who is courageous, ready to take ownership of situations, and someone who takes challenges as an opportunity to learn.

  • Hitesh Sarsava

    Software Engineer (Consultant)

    Highly passionate about the building mobile solutions for real world problems. Keen interest in new technologies.

  • Sarvang Gandhi

    Business Development Executive

    Software enthusiast & Tech Geek, Creating a set of dexterity & dedication towards challenging work.

  • Mahesh Kumar Mishra

    Founder and Director

    Mahesh is the captain of our ship.

  • Vimal Patel

    Business Development Executive

    Vimal has always proven himself as a great leader in both Canadian as well as Indian retail, customer service and security industries.