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Javascript: The uprising

Accept it or not javascipt is coming, and its coming hard. According to the latest survey by Stackoverflow Javascript has taken over a massive 70% of market share. You can view such statistics and other like it on stackover flow’s website over here.
This is enough to draw anyone’s attention that javascript is changing the way we used to think about software development. Thanks to this fact we no longer require knowledge of various tools and technologies to get our ideas out to the world in various frontier.
Javascript is like “globalization” in programming. We will find it everywhere

  • its in our websites (various frameworks)
  • mobile apps (react native)
  • desktop apps (electron)
  • servers (node js)
  • devices (IOT)
  • and much more………

What does that mean to a Laymen

  • You will find the line getting thinner between the web apps and desktop or mobile apps.
  • Websites/Webapps will be more responsive and accessible even offline within certain limits.
  • Data can transferred more securely.

What does that mean to a Programmer

  • He/She would require to learn a single tool and be able to cover a vast majority of market including the mobile market, desktop market, web market, etc.
  • A programmer can enjoy benefits of such a large community.
  • A programmer can reuse the tools and technologies over many frontiers.

What does that mean to a Business

  • It is a lot easier to get from an idea outside and to vast majority.
  • There can be large availability of workforce for helping to achieve business goals.
  • Changes to a business can be frequent and can adapt to market needs easily.

Hope we were able to give a glimpse of whats coming. See you next time.#javascript#currentmarkettrends#web#apps
Ending with a quote “You cannot fight the change, at best you can be the change”

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