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COVID-19: Problems and Solutions

Hey there, I hope you and your family are well.
We all know the whole world is going through a lot. These are which tests how humane we are. Its well said that:

“Ignorance creates chaos not knowledge”

So we as a part of doing our bit have gathered a few insights on firstly understanding what the problem actually is and secondly understanding how to cope with it.

What is COVID-19 or Coronavirus?

Basically its a virus having corona like structures all over it as you can see in the above image. It comes from the family of common flu viruses, and it has mostly the same mortality rate as a common flu virus. Hearing this you would be asking yourself, “Seriously ?”
Yes, that might sound strange but it’s true, it’s just a flu virus. So why so much hype, it’s mainly because this virus can spread through people who are infected by not yet sick or might never get sick, people with strong immune systems would have mild symptoms and they might get recover relatively easily. But while they recover they might have spread the virus through various sources like coughing, sneezing, touching doorknobs, utensils, etc.
But when people with week immune system gets in contact with this virus they might face severe temporary or permanent physical damage to respiratory systems. But even they can recover with good care.
Also, as of now at the time of writing this post, there is no vaccine to this disease.
So, What’s the problem if they can recover?

The above image clarifies a lot of things like:

  • There is a certain capacity for healthcare systems in each country (having ICU’s, ventilators).
  • If proactive measures are taken and the spread of the virus is contained under the limits of health care systems, most of the things can go with ease, since patients can be taken care of.
  • But if the virus is not contained and it crosses the limits of the health care systems of a country then there could be great havoc, as there would not be enough resources one might have to decide strategically on an emotional choice of whom to save and whom to let die.

So, what’s the solution?

Until the vaccine is not available, the only solution is to contain the virus and not let it spread more, which is being done in the whole world using measures such as a lockdown. What lockdown basically means is to restrict public gathering of any sort and make available only basic survival things such as dairy products, food products, health products, etc.
So, While you are at home during these times of lockdown what else can you do? We have collected a few of these sorts of things for you, please find them in the below image:

For Indians, we’ve also created a simple web page which will show you current statistics of COVID-19 cases, also you could search for your state in the same, please click here.

It might be the start of a new way of living.

In our opinion, we think that this virus is a reminder to all of us that we’ve created a certain imbalance in nature due to our ways of consuming the natural resources, these ways have to change. We have to make fundamental changes in the ways we consume the earth’s natural resources. We as human beings are amazing but we’re just too much.
Our population is the biggest challenge that we’re facing right now as a human race (even with COVID-19), everything else could be handled more easily if our numbers are low.
If we don’t control the human population consciously then nature might do it in its own way, one of which could be COVID-19, if we don’t act/change now there may be more such events in line. We didn’t mean to scare you but it’s important that we are aware of these things.
With that, Its time to say goodbye, until next time then,Stay home, stay safe, keep everybody safe.
Ending with a quote:

“Its easier to control human population rather than controlling human aspiration” – by Sadguru

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